Overactive Bladder and Frequent Urination:
What You Need to Know

Overactive Bladder is a condition where the bladder contracts uncontrollably, creating leakage, the strong sudden need to "go right away", and going too often.

So what exactly is going on?

First, it's important to realize that OAB is not a "weak" bladder. In fact, OAB occurs when nerves are affected.

  • These nerves send signals to your bladder at the wrong time, causing the muscle to squeeze without warning
  • This process causes your bladder to spasm uncontrollably, creating leakage, the strong sudden need to "go", and going too often

Looking for a treatment option for your OAB?

Have you tried taking medications to manage your OAB and stopped because:

  • the side effects were intolerable?
  • you still experience urgency, frequency, or leakage?

If this sounds familiar, you're not alone. You're in the majority of people with your condition who are frustrated with their current treatment. In one study of 1117 patients, 73.5% reported that they stopped taking their OAB therapy within 1 year. According to two separate surveys, the top reasons that OAB patients discontinued anticholinergics were due to side effects and/or lack of results.

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